Etsy Alternatives for Digital Products

For creators and buyers of digital products seeking alternatives to Etsy, several platforms cater specifically to digital goods like artwork, templates, and software. These alternatives often offer specialized features, varied audience bases, and different monetization models, making them attractive for digital creators. This guide explores the top platforms ideal for buying and selling digital products, providing creators with opportunities to reach new markets and audiences.


Gumroad is a popular platform for independent creators of digital products. It's known for its simplicity and creator-friendly features, including straightforward tools for selling and marketing digital goods.

Artists, writers, and software developers find Gumroad effective for direct sales and building a customer base.

This platform is suitable for a wide range of digital products, from eBooks to music and software applications.


Sellfy is a powerful e-commerce platform designed for selling digital goods, subscriptions, and physical products. It offers customization options and integrated marketing tools.

Sellfy is ideal for creators looking for an all-in-one solution to manage and grow their digital product business.

Its ease of use and focus on digital content make it a great choice for creators at any level.


Shopify allows creators to build their own branded online store, offering extensive customization options, making it perfect for a unique brand experience.

Though known for physical goods, Shopify also effectively supports the sale of digital products through various apps and integrations.

It’s ideal for sellers looking for scalability and a professional presence online.

Creative Market

Creative Market caters specifically to graphic designers and artists, offering a platform for selling graphics, templates, fonts, and other digital assets.

It’s an excellent marketplace for creative digital products, providing a vast audience interested in high-quality design resources.

For designers looking to reach a global market with their digital creations, Creative Market is an ideal platform.

Envato Market

Envato Market is a large marketplace for digital assets, including themes, plugins, video, and audio files. It’s especially popular among web developers and video creators.

This platform provides an extensive customer base and a diverse range of digital products, making it an excellent choice for specialized digital creators.

Envato Market is well-suited for professionals looking for a comprehensive marketplace for digital assets.

Big Cartel

While Big Cartel is traditionally known for physical goods, it also supports digital products. It’s a great platform for artists and creators who want a simple, no-fuss way to sell their digital art, music, or literature.

Big Cartel offers an indie vibe and straightforward tools, suitable for creators who prefer a more personalized selling platform.

This platform is ideal for those starting out or with a smaller catalog of digital goods.


Society6, known for artist-designed physical products, also offers options for digital creatives. Artists can sell their designs to be printed on a range of products.

It’s a great platform for digital artists looking to monetize their artwork without the need to manage inventory or shipping.

Society6 is ideal for artists who want their designs to reach a wider audience on a variety of mediums.


Similar to Society6, Redbubble allows digital artists to sell their designs on a diverse range of products. It's a great platform for artists who specialize in graphic design and want to see their work on everything from clothing to home decor.

Redbubble handles all aspects of production and shipping, making it a hassle-free option for artists.

This marketplace is perfect for digital artists who want to reach a global audience with their unique designs and artwork. is a platform particularly known for independent video games, but it also supports other digital products like comics, eBooks, and software. It's an ideal place for indie game developers and digital creators.

The platform offers flexibility in how you sell and distribute your work, including setting your own prices and choosing how to present your products. is well-suited for creators in the digital entertainment and publishing spaces looking for an alternative with a strong community focus.

Conclusion: Expanding Digital Horizons

Exploring alternatives to Etsy for digital products can open up a world of opportunities for creators and buyers alike. These platforms cater to a variety of digital goods, from graphic design and artwork to software and games, each with unique features and audiences.

By venturing into these diverse marketplaces, digital creators can find new ways to monetize their talents and reach wider, more targeted audiences. Similarly, buyers can discover a vast array of unique digital products to suit their needs and interests.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, developer, or consumer, these alternatives to Etsy provide valuable spaces to connect, create, and commerce.

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