Etsy Alternatives for Europe

In Europe, artists, crafters, and vintage enthusiasts seeking alternatives to Etsy have a range of platforms to explore. These alternatives offer diverse opportunities for sellers to reach new markets and for buyers to discover unique, locally-made products. Whether it's for a broader audience reach, different product niches, or more regional options, these platforms cater to a variety of European seller and buyer needs.


DaWanda, especially popular in Germany and neighboring countries, was a unique platform for handmade goods and unique items. Although it closed down, it set a precedent for similar European platforms that followed.

This platform had a significant influence on the European market, inspiring a variety of specialized and localized alternatives that continue to thrive.

Its legacy lives on in the community and ethos it built, influencing how handmade and vintage products are sold online in Europe.


Folksy is a UK-based platform specifically tailored for handmade goods and crafts. It is popular among British artists and crafters for its local focus and support for small businesses.

With an emphasis on quality and originality, Folksy offers a personalized shopping experience and a platform for unique British crafts.

This platform is ideal for those who want to connect with a local audience and celebrate the diversity of British handmade goods.

Not on the High Street

Not on the High Street, another UK-based platform, is renowned for its curated selection of unique and personalized items, appealing to a discerning customer base.

It’s a great platform for European sellers who offer high-quality, distinctive products and are looking to reach a more upscale market.

With its focus on unique products and gifts, it's a favored choice for consumers seeking out special, one-of-a-kind items.


Depop, a fashion marketplace popular among younger consumers, offers a platform for unique, vintage, and handmade clothing and accessories. It’s particularly well-suited for sellers in Europe looking to tap into the youth market.

This platform combines e-commerce with social media elements, making it a modern and dynamic marketplace for fashion-forward buyers and sellers.

Depop is ideal for those who are looking for a more casual and trend-driven environment for buying and selling.


Selency is a European platform specializing in vintage furniture and decor. It’s an excellent option for sellers and buyers interested in unique and antique home goods.

With its curated approach, Selency offers a distinguished selection, making it a go-to place for those seeking out stylish, vintage pieces.

This platform is perfect for European sellers specializing in vintage and antique items and buyers who appreciate the charm and history of such pieces.


Tictail, which was acquired by Shopify, was known for its diverse community of independent artists and designers. It offered a global platform with a strong presence in Europe.

Though no longer operational as an independent platform, Tictail’s influence is seen in the rise of similar marketplaces supporting independent creators across Europe.

Its legacy continues to inspire the way European creatives sell their products online.


Afound, part of the H&M group, offers a wide range of discounted products, including designer and vintage items. It’s particularly appealing to European shoppers looking for fashion deals from well-known brands.

This platform is ideal for consumers in Europe seeking quality clothing and accessories at reduced prices, providing a mix of modern and vintage styles.

While not a traditional marketplace for handmade goods, Afound offers an alternative for buyers interested in sustainable fashion choices and unique finds.


Zibbet provides a platform for artists and crafters to sell their handmade goods, fine art, vintage items, and craft supplies, much like Etsy, but with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

This platform is suitable for European sellers seeking an alternative that offers global reach with a user-friendly interface and support.

Zibbet’s commitment to supporting independent creators makes it a great choice for sellers looking to grow their business online.


Bouf is a UK-based marketplace offering a range of unique and quirky products, from home decor to fashion and gifts, perfect for buyers looking for something different.

This platform caters to those interested in non-mainstream products and indie designs, ideal for sellers who have niche and unusual offerings.

Bouf’s distinct product range appeals to consumers looking for standout items that aren't widely available on other platforms.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace, known for its vast collection of independent boutiques and vintage clothing, is a great platform for fashion-focused sellers and buyers in Europe.

This marketplace is perfect for sellers with a strong sense of style and brand identity, looking to reach a fashion-forward audience.

ASOS Marketplace is ideal for shoppers in search of unique fashion pieces, offering a diverse array of styles from up-and-coming designers and vintage collectors.

Conclusion: Discovering European Alternatives

Exploring these alternatives to Etsy offers European sellers and buyers a wide range of options to suit various needs and preferences. Whether it’s vintage fashion, unique handmade items, or sustainable clothing choices, these platforms provide ample opportunities to connect with diverse markets and audiences.

For creators and consumers alike, these alternatives present new avenues for discovering unique products, supporting independent businesses, and participating in the rich tapestry of European creativity and commerce.

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