Etsy Alternatives for Jewelry and Lapidary

For jewelry artisans and lapidary enthusiasts seeking alternatives to Etsy, various platforms offer specialized marketplaces to showcase and sell their creations. These alternatives cater to a range of styles and audiences, from handmade artisan jewelry to unique gemstones and lapidary art. Exploring these platforms can lead to new opportunities for both sellers and buyers in the world of jewelry and gemstones.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is known for its focus on antiques and collectibles, including a substantial selection of vintage and artisan jewelry. It’s a great platform for sellers specializing in unique, high-quality pieces.

This site attracts a clientele interested in rare and high-end items, making it ideal for sellers with a collection of unique jewelry and lapidary work.


Artfire offers a marketplace for handmade goods, craft supplies, and vintage items, including jewelry and lapidary. It’s known for its supportive community of creators and artisans.

This platform is well-suited for artists and crafters who want a more personalized selling experience and a community-focused marketplace.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is geared towards independent artists and makers, providing tools for them to create their own unique online shops. It’s particularly popular with small-scale jewelry designers and lapidary artists.

This platform is ideal for those who want a high degree of control over their branding and online presence.


Zibbet offers a platform that combines traditional marketplace features with the ability to integrate and manage sales across various channels, including a standalone online store.

It’s suitable for jewelry and lapidary artists looking for a flexible platform to expand their reach both on and off the marketplace.


Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that enables sellers to create a fully customized online store. It’s perfect for jewelry and lapidary artists who want to scale their business and have full control over their e-commerce experience.

With its extensive customization options and integrations, Shopify can cater to both small artisans and larger jewelry businesses.


Bonanza is an online marketplace that has been compared to eBay and Etsy. It’s a platform where you can sell everything from fashion to home décor, including jewelry and lapidary products.

This site is known for its ease of use and seller-friendly features, making it a practical choice for independent artists and small businesses.


eBay offers a vast global marketplace for sellers of all kinds, including those specializing in jewelry and lapidary. Its auction format can be particularly useful for unique or high-value items.

This platform is ideal for sellers looking to reach a diverse and large audience, with options for both auction and fixed-price listings.


1stDibs is a luxury marketplace known for its selection of high-end antiques, fine art, and jewelry. It caters to an upscale audience, making it a great platform for sellers of luxury jewelry and rare gemstones.

For artisans and dealers in the high-end jewelry and lapidary market, 1stDibs offers an exclusive channel to a discerning clientele.


Tictail, which has merged with Shopify, catered to a global community of independent artists and designers, including those in the jewelry and lapidary fields. Its ethos of supporting small businesses and unique designs lives on in the Shopify platform.

For jewelry creators, this transition means access to a broader set of tools and a larger potential audience on Shopify while maintaining the spirit of independent design and craftsmanship.

Conclusion: Diversifying Jewelry and Lapidary Sales

Exploring alternatives to Etsy for jewelry and lapidary products opens up a world of possibilities for both sellers and buyers. These platforms offer different advantages, whether it's a focus on vintage and high-end items, support for independent artisans, or advanced e-commerce capabilities. By considering these options, jewelry makers and lapidary artists can find the right marketplace to match their style, audience, and business goals, expanding their reach and enhancing their sales potential.

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